Q1. Is it safe to purchase goods from your web site?

A1. Yes it is perfectly safe to purchase goods from our site. All of our Sea Glass Jewellery is actually listed on Etsy which is a well known social commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items as well as art and craft supplies. Should you wish to purchase any goods from our web site, simply click on the jewellery tab, select the item you wish to purchase and you will then be re-directed to our Etsy online store.

Q2. Where do you find the materials used to create your sea glass jewellery?

A2. All the sea glass used in our jewellery comes from beaches along the North East coast of England. Sea Glass Hunting is something we love to do as often as we can.

Q3. Where does sea glass come from?

A3. Sea glass is found mainly along coastlines and shores of major lakes all around the world. Sea glass is formed from various items, such as tableware, glass used on ships, bottles and household items that have been discarded into the sea or lakes. It was very common in the past to simply dump trash into the sea, especially along busy shipping lanes and shorelines. As the glass items reached the shore, the pounding waves and rocky shorelines broke the items into smaller bits and wore away the broken edges over time. Smoothed by decades of undersea erosion, sea glass is often round or triangular and has a frosted appearance.

Q4. Which is the hardest colour sea glass to find?

A4. The most common colours of sea glass are brown, white and emerald green. These pieces originate from ordinary bottles, household jars and beer bottles. Harder to find colours include olive green and sea foam, aqua, cobalt blue and amber. These pieces would have once been used as medicine bottles, soda bottles and cosmetic jars. Rare colors include grey, amethyst, black, lime green, cornflower blue, teal, pink, turquoise and lavender. The origin of these colours came from perfume bottles, bric-a-brac and candy dishes. Yellow, orange and red are extremely rare to find and come from ship lanterns and lights, milk pitchers, fine china and streetlamps.

Q5. What payment methods do you accept?